Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gitman Vintage At Blackbird


[Pictured: Gitman Vintage anchor print short sleeve button down available at Blackbird.]

The short sleeve button down is a sensitive subject for many a sartorialist - if things go wrong you're just another Office Space extra minus the Jeniffer Aniston arm candy.  When I last talked about short sleeve button downs I mentioned how Gitman Vintage was absolutely shutting it down and the new stock over at Blackbird is backing up my claim.  I absolutely love the anchor print shirt for it's laid back homage to multiple styles (Nautical, Ivy, etc.).  A great way to work the short sleeve button down is to rock it with an understated swagger of sorts and getting one that fits great and has some personality to it can help ease this process.  I guess you could say my rule of thumb is: keep it light, keep it tight.  Also, be sure to keep 'em rumpled, untucked, roll the sleeves and ditch the pocket protector and you should be well on your way.  Blackbird also has a few understated joints and with the US officially winning the Winter Olympics medal count this made too much sense...



  1. Love these especially the club collars. I have a red vintage Haggar SSBD that would rival the Gitman above. For that added swag you gotta cuff the sleeves.

    I wouldn't mind a cooler version of the pocket protector. Maybe in fine Horween or something. Maybe thats blasphemous but why the hell not. Seems like anything goes these days.

  2. Junction- Forgot about the cuffing the sleeves part...just added that in. Good call.

  3. Nice shirts...not sure about the $ are correct about finding a good short-sleeved shirt that fits well.

  4. So many short sleeves are little more than collared tents.

    No where to hide a poor cut.

    When done right in the summer though; they're great.