Monday, February 22, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

First off, big ups to Room 907 for the assist on the extremely preppy and extremely enigmatic brand Morris.  All I can tell you from some quick research is that the brand is based in Stockholm and was founded in 1949 (don't rule out the possibility that someone just bought the heritage and rebranded ala A&F).  The clothes, themselves, are on a serious Rugby kick aka prep aimed at the young and affluent - the brand calls itself "modern preppy".  If you're into it start saving up your kronor.



  1. yes sir, i was wondering when you were gonna stumble on this label haha. big things coming out of scandinavia these days...


  2. Do the clothes come with the blonde...


  4. I don't know. The clothes look decent but this seems a little too Abercrombie & Fitchy with all the abs and half nakedness going on. A bit much no?

  5. Being Swedish I would say...

    it's a lame Ralph Lauren rip off. The brand popped up a few years ago so their clamed "heritage" is pretty far fetched.

    Also, I can't stand the models...

    (I have read Sart Inc for a while and really like it. This is my first comment, sorry for being so negative :-))

  6. Arvid- Be as negative as you want over here, it's all good as long as you participate in the discussion. With that being said, thanks for speaking up.