Thursday, February 4, 2010

3Sixteen S/S 2010 Lookbook

I've talked about why I love 3sixteen before and I am happy to share their new S/S 2010 lookbook (shoutouts to Shimon).  I'll let 3sixteen do all the talking...

"We are proud to present our Spring 2010 lookbook, shot on location at the beautiful Ace Hotel New York. Dubbed 'The country's most original new hotel' by the New York Times, the lobby of Ace Hotel was the perfect backdrop for our models, playing its own character in the story we aimed to portray. Our models (none of whom are professionals) and our photographers are all a part of the 3sixteen family, embodying a passion about our product that cannot be artificially manufactured.

Our Spring 2010 range continues our focus on supporting domestic businesses. Shirting fabrics are sourced and sewn together in New York along with our handmade ties. Leather for our footwear comes from the world-famous Horween Tannery in Chicago and is then assembled in Maine. Selvedge denim is flown in from Japan and expertly assembled with heavy duty hardware here in the US. The Spring pieces will begin shipping in late February to all of your favorite retailers and will also be available for sale on our webstore."



  1. love 3sixteen, but this lookbook is pretty shmeh

  2. 3sixteen needs to embrace just a little color. Not much, just one or two hues.

  3. I think the actual photographs could be pretty good, it's just that they made some really weird choices in processing them. It seems like they were going for a film look, but something went horribly wrong. Who knows ... but nonetheless, I do like 3sixteen.

  4. "It seems like they were going for a film look, but something went horribly wrong."

    Yes, totally. I dont know why they didn't just use film.. Or perhaps the photo editor was using the world's worst calibrated monitor inside of a black cave.

  5. Love the pics. Could use a bit more exposure but I enjoy the concept.

  6. agreed on all points. meh. needs more color. and the photos are absolute shite