Monday, February 8, 2010

Trick Me Once...

...shame on me. Trick me twice, shame on my checking account.  I guess it's good that I'm not rich or I'd probably own around 50 pairs of Tricker's.  Though at that point I could probably build a roof over my head out of them so it would probably even out.  Regardless of my shoe shelter fantasies, if you got the scratch you can purchase an array of handsome looking, UK bench made shoes here.  I'm particularly fond of those two tone saddles.



  1. On a red roll today, the first boots are perfectly accented. I'm not sure I'd wear them with a suit though, unless it had some red accents too (or if it was just red).

  2. They ain't as expensive as they seem.

    I've got pairs of Tricker's that are well over ten years old and are still going strong.

    Wear by wear they're probably better value than a lot of Nike output.

  3. I'm with you brother on the "rich" tip... I could totally get down on too many (Is there such a thing?) shoes.

    And defintely some of the ones pictured, those are some fine shoes. Dig.