Monday, February 8, 2010

Engineered Garments S/S 2010 @ The Bureau

I've been on short sleeve button down overload lately and have continually been drawn to shirts with floral patterns.  The levity and wit of "cabana wear" is incredibly stylish and when pulled off properly (I will admit it takes a little bit of moxie) can send a serious sartorial message.  Not everyone is comfortable enough with themselves to wear a short sleeve button down, let alone one with some crazy Venice Beach like print action going on so bear with me if this aint your thang.

Engineered Garments, and it's designer Daiki Suzuki, have never shied away from their affinity for floral prints and the new S/S 2010 collection sees more of the same; I have no problem with more of the same when that same stuff is great.  If only brands recognized what they did well and stuck with it - so often people single out a specific collection as being a peak in a line's stylishness and talk about how they fell off or whatever.  This is by no means an endorsement for stagnation, just a humble heed from yours truly to find your sweet spot and enjoy it.  Don't abuse it and linger, but there is nothing wrong with knowing what you do well and continuing to do it while still evolving the rest of a collection along with this element(s).  Blah, blah, blah...right? Anyhow, sorry to make a short story long...I dig the new EG short sleeve popovers available at The Bureau. I really need to get a handle on brevity. Maybe I'll rename this blog Rambling Inclined or Sartorially Long-winded.



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