Thursday, February 11, 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills S/S 2010

I know these pictures have been all over the information super highway for a while now, but this is hands down the best collection I have seen in a long time so I figured I'd finally give it the official Sart Inc endorsement. I really don't have much to say because everything from Daiki Suzuki's new S/S collection for Woolrich Woolen Mills speaks for itself - it's Cali meets The Mason Dixon meets three decades of impeccable style (50's, 60's,70's).  I'm not messing around when I say that I would wear it all as every single piece is just that ridiculously on point/next level/unstoppable/etc.  For all the info and backstory your heart desires you can read Jeremy's take.  Simply put, this is how I imagine myself dressing for every spring and summer in my head. Straight up.




  1. WWM is especially strong this spring. It's too bad D.S. only has one more season left as the designer.

    My only complaint are the snaps on the game pocket of the Upland jacket- I think it looks a bit too busy. I'm glad I picked one up last year sans snaps.

  2. I really like the 9th look, however the Carlsbad Jacket and anorak is where it's at.

  3. Isn't 1950-1970 just 2 decades?

    But I digress, excellent collection, quite cheeky

  4. Ben- Good call. Fixed accordingly.