Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dress Like A Bastian Model

While Bastian's clothes might be a little or a lot out of your price range the footwear he styles his models in are often low-priced standards that all guys should have in their closets.  Piggybacking off of Valet's quick breakdown on a few of the footwear choices in the Gant by Michael Bastian showcase I went ahead and compiled some for you.  The following footwear was seen in both the aforementioned Gant collection and Michael's namesake line.

[Editor's Note: I am going to refrain from highlighting any of the upper crust footwear (i.e. Stubbs & Wootton) to keep this post in the gutter as much as possible.  Also, if you want some shitkicking, head smashing Doc Martens head here.]

Adidas Samba...$59.95

Adidas Superstar 2...$69.95

Unidentified Adidas running shoes...?
[Editor's Note: I had trouble tracking down this exact shoe in this exact colorway, but the Adidas Dragon is pretty damn close.]

L.L. Bean Blucher Moccasin...$69.00
[Editor's Note: There were a bunch of suede versions in the show that I have never seen before so hopefully those will be on sale soon because they were fresh to death.]

L.L. Bean Camp Moccasin...$69.00


L.L. Bean Moc-Toe Boot...$119.00

Sebago Classic...$130.00

Puma Sky High...$67.46

Military Surplus Boots...$59.00 (or cheaper at any surplus store)



  1. 2 week ago at the L.L.Bean in Albany NY, they had the suede blucher mocs in cactus and the full grain moc-toe boot in dark brown on the clearance racks for an additional %30 off of their sale prices (I believe the boots were on sale for $80).

    There were only 4 pairs left of the suede bluchers, I scored a pair in my size... total cost $24 dollars. I couldn't justify the moc toe boot (too many boots at the moment) but the price at the register would have been $50.

    I am pretty sure it was a specific sale to that store.

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