Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Next Level: Patchwork Oxford

Mark McNairy has called himself an "un-designer" before and his patchwork oxford shirts speak to this notion of reinterpreting classic Anglo-American styles.  It's no secret Mark is my favorite designer and one of the reasons why lies in his uncanny ability to un-design the hell out of everything.  Anyone can design or produce an oxford shirt, in fact you can probably do it in the comfort of your own home, but it takes a certain vision to take things next level.  And that my friends is really what this post is all about...something seriously next level. 'Nuf said.




  1. any idea who's gonna be retailing these in nyc? or what the price point will be? love the first "fun shirt"... been on the hunt for a classic brooks one forEVER and can never find one that fits...

  2. Sam- These are not currently available in the US, but that is going to change in upcoming months. The price point is north of $100. More info soon, I promise.

  3. I guess I dont understand your McNairy fetish, but I do NOT dig these pieces. Oxford shirts should be an afterthought not the focus of an ensemble as will surely result from wearing one of these hideous things.

  4. Yeah I don't get it either....Tommy Hilfiger used to make shirts like these. Are J. Press jorts next?

  5. A- So you don't ever wear "louder" shirts. No patchwork madras? No colorful seersucker?

    mjphillips- To each his own. And no, J. Press jorts are never happening brah.

  6. @ LAS - I would wear JPress jorts. I heard chicks dig jorts.

  7. Here's the problem for me with these shirts. Maybe 5-10 years from now someone will be looking back at a picture of themselves in one of these things and wonder what the hell they were thinking when they bought it. OCBDs stand the test of time for a reason. Changing the cut and fit to suit the times is a necessary and welcome adjustment but these are a bastardization of a classic. They're like preppy Cross Colours.

  8. Don't buy 'em lads.

    No problems.

    I've heard this jazz loads of times before.

    It's usually followed by the haters sneaking in a purchase about 3 years later from a mainstreamer.

    Thing is, at that point the real money is on worn-in numbers.

    Which will be in the hands of folk that lead rather than follow.

    P&L Etc.

  9. Mr. Brown- Thank you for always bringing the expert analysis. Amen.

  10. Won't buy them and not because I'm a follower and not a leader but because I don't want a closet full of Z. Cavaricci in 3 years.

    It's not "jazz" either. It's called open discussion ,debate and participation. Something I believe this blog has encouraged from day one.

    I'm not criticising the post in any way. I appreciate the spectrum of interest. All I'm saying is they are not classic or understated and because of that won't last the test of time.

    So go ahead and lead the charge. Time will tell whose observation is more accurate. My money says in three years those won't be on your back. And if they are they will still be ugly ;)

    Either way, buy the shirts, enjoy them and express yourself. That's what it's all about.

  11. Patrick- You're correct about discourse. It is encouraged and not taken for granted by myself in the least.

    Time ultimately will be the true judge of all things and this case is no exception. These are not classic and understated in the sense of how I usually throw the words around, but I still really dig them.

    I guess "next level" is just as, if not more, subjective than "ugly".

  12. Pat.. Jazz is just a noise, one of many, including a discussion, open or otherwise. Fear not.

    I'm not entirely sure I'd make the connection that you do that only a classic or something understated lasts the test of time.

    They're more likely to yes, but the classic by virtue of it's name has already done so and the understated is likely to crawl under the radar.

    Risk is a good thing, sometimes it doesn't pay off but if that led to its demise the world would be duller place.

    Ps. A bit of mix & match oxford shouldn't cause public alarm.

  13. I really like the shirts (well the long-sleeved versions), but these kind of shirts are nothing new. There's nothing next level about the shirts, at all.

  14. Memphis88- Where else could I get something like this?

  15. Brooks Brothers has done them before and I know Black Fleece did one last year and it was even on sale for a while, but seems to be gone now. I'm still mad at myself for not pulling the trigger when I had the chance. Polo has done them before, too and I have heard of people finding those on ebay, in thrift stores, and at places like Marshall's.

  16. Stussy London had something v. similar about 5 years ago now.