Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Reasons To Just Buy A Pair Of Authentics

Common Projects' S/S 2010 collection looks pretty good as per usual, but I couldn't help but notice a particular shoe that is reminiscent of a certain classic.  I'm all for the clean luxury CP offers when it comes to their sneakers (I will never endorse wearing sneakers with a suit, but if you absolutely had to these would be your best bet) though I am not on board with this high priced rip off.  Inspiration or not, classic Vans should be left alone and if I had my druthers Common Projects would stick to what they do best, which is their no frills Achilles model.  Anyway, if you were still contemplating what sneaker to pick up for the upcoming season this should serve as another reason to just buy a pair of Authentics.


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