Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So, Which One Are You?

Esquire breaks down the American man into all his sartorial stereotypes. Behold the amusing (assuming this is tongue in cheek) and well shot editorial.  On a side note: I hope I never actually have the answer to the above question.

The Powerhouse:

The Wasp:

The Professional:

The Workman:

The Italiano:

The Woodsman:

The Sportsman:

The Rake:

The Minimalist:

The Trad:

The Rocker:

The Roller:



  1. Awesome!! Some of those could totally be interchangeable, but most have some pretty great pieces in them that live in my closest. Guess I'm a Rake/Minimalist/Professional (well at least that's what I'm sticking with...ha-ha!). Signature Bean Boots out of the box and on my feet. First pair of Bean Boots ever and I'm in LOVE! The waxed canvas uppers look even better on then in the pictures (if that's even possible!).

  2. Professional/Trad/Rocker

    Love this post, love the blog. Cheers.

  3. To me, this spread exemplifies the difference between Esquire and GQ- pretty nice kits in every photo, but the lack of attention to detail makes each not nearly as cool as if GQ had their own take on it (...just my opinion)

  4. Trad/Wasp/Italiano/Barbour jacket from the Woodsman kit

  5. i want ALL of those outfits, except maybe the last one.. all so sharp

  6. Although I think the editorial seems a little corny, for funs sake I'm rockin more of a ProfWorkMinTrad look.

  7. Hmmm... Can't say I really fit into anything completely, but how about a Workman/Trad/Minimalist?

  8. Awesome post here Lawrence

    My good friend Joekenneth also featured in the 'Sewn from tho soul' project is the 'professional' here. Great looks


  9. Cripes, I own at least one piece of clothing from every one of those "looks"

    This label/minutia shit is really driving me crazy lately.