Friday, February 12, 2010

Attn: Sperry Topsider Cloud Logo

I don't think this Cloud Logo limited addition gear has anything to do with the 75th Anniversary Collection, but it is definitely more archival goodness via Sperry.  They are offering two new/old styles, the Captain Oxford and the Camp Moc for $100 and $80 respectively.  I'm digging both styles though I do wish there we some more colorways available.  If you are looking to switch up your boat shoe game this S/S you should head over to Sperry to check them and the other new stuff out for yourself.  I'll personally be sticking with my unflappable Authentic Originals, but if I was flush with monies I'd probably pick up a pair or two considering how affordable they are for limited editions.  Oh yeah, I don't normally get down with graphic t-shirts, but the new Cloud Tee is super-retro-dopeshow.



  1. Nice kicks, but the tee isn't new. I've owned the same style--color, graphic--for about five years. Sperry might be pulling a fast one on us with that.

  2. How about some love for Frye? Sully & Bleeker (sic) Boat Shoes, Mason Camp Moc... nice alternatives to the now unfortunately ubiquitous Sperry.