Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Extra-Slim For Spring: The Brooks Brothers Diet

I love me some Brooks Brothers extra slim fit shirts (see: a way earlier post), in fact I am wearing one right now as I type this post.  For under $80 I have yet to find a better fitting, higher quality sportshirt and have picked up quite a few since they debuted not to long ago.  The Brooks Brothers online shop has just stocked a bunch of their extra-slim fit, lightweight oxfords (made with Supima cotton) in classic warm weather pastels so now is a better time than any to get your S/S shirt game right.  Also note how the "Golden Fleece" logo has gotten the warm weather upgrade as well.  Buy the newly released shirts here and don't forget to check out some fall two-tones on sale for the ridiculously low price of $39.50.

[Editor's Note: Should be interesting to compare to these badboys.]




  1. Oooooh...I need these in my life! My shirts are always too baggy and I have to get them tapered (when I fee like being anal about it).


  2. Those are pretty nice. Guess I'll have to crank up the P90x again!

  3. by the end it was getting pretty sherbet-y but the orange is the best. can't wait for some warmer weather

  4. The shirts look great, but that little logo still irritates me. I was glad to see that their dress shirts can be found sans-logo, but there's something about this array colors that are particularly intriguing.

  5. Love all of them. Just yesterday, I was pleased to find a mint-condition light blue version of these (in the traditional fit) for 5 bucks from a thrift store! WHAAAT!?

    I love these colors; personally, I can't wait to get my sherbet on.

  6. Don't you find the neck to be disproportionately big on these?