Saturday, February 20, 2010

NYFW Street Style

I've done these street style breakdowns before based on the simple fact that they are enjoyable to do and because Tommy Ton is a fantastic street style photographer.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Mr. Ton has the uncanny ability to capture not only the big picture, but also the wonderful minute details.  He expertly balances his photography with shots of complete kits and the little things that make them special." I break down my favorite shots of his from New York Fashion Week below and be sure to check out all of Tommy Ton's shots from NYFW here.

Granted it's probably time to for this gentleman to get his heels repaired, but I'll be damned if those aren't some handsome herringbone trousers. I need to get myself a pair stat.

According to Tommy Ton, this guy wears his Moncler jacket everyday - good for him.  To be honest I would too if I could afford one.  I love how a puffer jacket looks over a suit.  It's a great juxtaposition of refined garments and technical sportswear.

This guy is the prototypical urban woodsman, which is bad.  His choice of footwear, on the other hand, is mighty fine.  At this point the surest way to get on Sart Inc to to rock a pair of Bean boots, but I guess that is well established at this point.

It's all about the watch strap in this case.  I normally don't geek out over leather goods, but that right there is fantastic.

It's tough for me to get down 100% with baseball caps, but this guy rounds out his uber-Ralph Lauren kit with it so well.  In this case its the perfect dash of Americana to put a period on his kit's sentence.

We could talk about this guy's use of color or sportswear, but I want to highlight his tie bar - perfectly askew, perfectly imperfect.

Philip Crangi is a true american badass. That is all.

I've never seen a tucked in sweater work until now.  There is no way in hell I could ever hope to pull this off, but this is motivation to at least keep trying.

Never in my life have I seen patchwork houndstooth and herringbone either, but now that I have I am incredibly jaded and spoiled.

This guy has too many patterns for sure, but you can never ever go wrong with black watch.

Like I was saying the other day, camo done right is awesome.

Here is your endorsement for both ticket pockets and hacking pockets.  The look is incredibly English, thus incredibly debonair and sophisticated.

Everyone's got big tear drop aviators so get a sqaured off pair of Ray Ban Caravans or Randolph Engineering shades instead.  Don't forget to pop your collar in the process.


[All pictures courtesy of GQ.]


  1. I agree with some of your comments, disagree with some,... but good work, i enjoyed in.. but the tucked in sweater!! hahahah , im not bold enough to try!

  2. That patchwork jacket is fantastic. Wish I could grow a beard like Philip Crangi.

  3. Dmitriy- This blog is indeed a democracy.

    Unitedstyle- Crangi's beard is A+

  4. love your comments...learning a bit