Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Lost Me At Inkwell...

Reader @mccnallyconsults recommended in the last post's comments section that I check out British brand Inkwell & Ivy.  I really have no idea what is going on with this brand as the website is kinda all over the place - apparently they also do freelance consignment and provide wardrobes to television shows?  What I do know (besides the fact that their website was obviously designed by a 12 year old girl) is that they are selling some pretty killer cricket jumpers in a bunch of colors.  After talking about Chariots of Fire and "Take Ivy" these past few days I find myself drawn to these a little bit more with every passing moment.  At around $90 bucks these are for sure cheaper than anything Ralph or Brooks is hawking your way.  These are going to look smashing the next time I'm not studying abroad at Cambridge.




  1. LAS I have pondered a cricket "jersey" since my time in Australia. Might have to revisit this...

  2. Guildford, Surrey.

    The fact they've managed to come up with good cricket jumper is good enough. A sensible website too? That's getting unrealistic.

  3. JPress sometimes sells these...not as many colors...they usually go on sale too...

  4. Thank you thank you. I just thought you may like to know we are having a new website designed - the one we have at the moment although not quite designed by a 12 year old girl was never meant to be a "showpiece" rather an interim tool so that our locals could see what we do. We never imagined when we set up our tiny store how successful it would be and are now well under way in building our business in every way.

    We're so pleased you love the cricket jumpers and we'd like to thank our lovely customers who spread the word on our behalf. Any more info just email me @

    Thanks! Amy.