Monday, February 1, 2010

Tie One On For Nicer Days

One of the easiest and cheapest ways I've found to get any kit ready for S/S is to throw on some neckwear in your favorite warm weather fabric.  Unless you are really jonesin' for a wardrobe overhaul, all you need to do is pick up a few ties or bowties to get yourself ready for when that nice weather hits.  If you rock a white oxford and chinos on the reg. you're pretty much 90% of the way there already.  Tie on some madras, seersucker or gingham and your uniform is locked up for the next 6 months as far as I am concerned.

For the sartorial novice who isn't ready for some "go to hell" pants or shirting these kind of ties are a perfect introductory course in both fabric and color.  Everyone from the lowest common denominators (i.e. J. Crew) to the exclusive gear hubs stock up on S/S neckwear so all you have to do is find a price point you can run with.  Just remember to keep that tie width under 3" or under and you're set. Check out some options below (madras being my favorite of the bunch) complete with click through links because I work (blog?) hard for the money. Tie one on folks. Tie one on strong.




  1. Those UW madras ties look great, but not with that shirt.

  2. David- Agree 100%. Oi Polloi's product shots aint doing them any justice.

  3. If you are up for bowties check out:

    They are cheap, good quality, and have a lot of summer patterns.

  4. Dave hasnt knotted his tie correctly up at Oi Polloi towers at all.

    It's simply; pinch don't plump.

  5. Oi Polloi ties their ties like the half-time guys on sunday. If the knot is smaller than your fist, it's too small for them.

  6. Northerners.

    Examples of these knots can be seen from Manchester to Leeds on a daily basis.

    Fortunately however the cost of rail travel in England is now quite high so it remains a localised phenomenon.

  7. Check out Lands' End Canvas for more tie and pocket square options on the cheap.