Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Out New York's Most Stylish New Yorkers

Instead of being a massive hater and lambasting this list for being nothing more than a trend spotting, eccentric focused cop out (whoops!), I figured I would highlight the few individuals who actually deserve to be on this list.  Despite its too cool for school hipness, NY is undeniably one of the most stylish cities in the world.  While Time Out NY decided to leave off an array of individuals who should be repping The Big Apple there are a few listed who are making their city proud.  Please keep in mind that this post is nothing more than an subjective analysis on my part.  There is nothing wrong with disagreeing and as per usual discourse is always encouraged.

Bill Webb: 67, Retired Wall Streeter


Old man style is killer on it's own, but when it's coupled with old money it's out of this world.  It's my belief that the reason older guys have style to blow is due to the fact that they couldn't give two shits about how they look.  At this point in their life they know what they like and what works.  This enables true nonchalance, as opposed to the contrivances we see all the time, and in turn breeds true personal style.  It's weird to think that the best dressed people I have ever met don't really care all that much about clothes.

DJ Cassidy: DJ and producer


I love it when guys take preppy to the max.  DJ Cassidy not only takes it to the max, but somewhere into overload territory.  I'm not sure if it's his style I love or the fact that I have this awesome image in my head of a guy tearing up the wheels of steel in a kit that looks like he came straight from the Lifshitz bar mitzvah.

Josh Peskowitz: 30, freelance editor, writer, stylist and consultant


You probably already know Josh from his stint as fashion editor at the now defunct and his role as 1/2 of the "In The Closet" team. I respect the hell out of Josh's pedigree and his signature combination of dapper gear and street wear.  He's shown up in that Dries Van Noten suit before and how can you blame the guy? If I owned that suit I'd be wearing it every waking minute.

Michael Macko: Men’s fashion and retail consultant/stylist

Dude's like a mini Mark McNairy only not as cool because he's not Mark McNairy.  I'm loving the genius camo details of this look, which makes the rest of his terrible outfit choices even more dumbfounding. [Editor's Note: I have since been informed by a very smart man that Macko is LEGIT so I guess I'll let some of his tomfoolery fly.]

Ouigi! “The Bearded Man” Theodore: 32, creative director of and partner at the Brooklyn Circus and BKc Men’s

Unlike a lot of people I I'm not all over the Brooklyn Circus, but then again I don't think I am really their customer base.  Nevertheless, I understand and respect what those guys are doing.  Ouigi's style seems authentic and to come from "the right place" so I'm cool with it.  He's also got a ton of charisma, which never hurts.


[Editor's Note: Since I am not even a fake authority on women's clothes I decided to leave that breakdown for those who actually know what they are talking about.]


  1. loll there are so many who are "fake authorities" on women's clothing. I appreciate your honesty.

  2. Not sure where they got these people from, but besides the ones you picked out, there are only a few more on there that I see with real "style." I could put a list together of folks that I know and crush that one.

  3. might not do camo patches, but brown duck patches on a tweed jacket?? weekend project.

    fun stuff.

  4. Macko's jacket and tie weren't weekend projects, they're Michael Bastian...

  5. Each one has got their own thing going but "camo tie" should probably size up.

  6. I want a camo bow tie! I want a camo bow tie!! I want a camo bow tie!!!

  7. the Macko character is a perfect example of someone following trends and style ideas without any regard for the way they look on him. I don't suppose there's anythign really wrong with what he's wearing, though the blue shoes are way out of left field (but I guess that's the point), but i dont think any of it looks good on him. Jacket is so tight its stretching and a jacket that short really shouldn't be worn by a guy with his frame.

  8. Bill Webb: Asian pimp.

    DJ Cassidy: DJ Dork.

    Josh: Looked forced and unnatural in the first shot. When I scrolled down and saw the second one, I understood why: the "hipster" look is his native dress, what he's far more comfortable in. He tries very, very hard, and very, very obviously. Fashionable, perhaps. Stylish, no.

    Macko: Dress your age. Wear clothes that fit. He has neither the build nor the youth to pull off this highly contrived look. Then again, I can't see this outfit looking good on anyone.

    Ouigi: Mismatched pinstripes? Really?

    Not one of these men is well-dressed. Not one.

  9. For some reason, every time Josh speaks or talks about clothing, I get douche chills. I think he has "good" style for an editor and in that realm but for just a guy around town, blah. Snoozers.