Friday, February 26, 2010

Lusting After: Alden Bucks For Steven Alan


[Pictured: Alden white plain bucks for Steven Alan available for $353.00.]

These Alden bucks, specially commissioned by Steven Alan, have been around for a little while so they may not be new to you.  They are currently back in stock for S/S 2010 and are some of the best looking shoes currently on the market.  Granted they come with the standard Alden sized pricetag, but if you are looking for a shoe built to last (top of the line welt, leather, etc.) that's often the downsize.  What's eye-catching about these is what also sets them apart from the droves of bucks on the market.  First off, they feature calfskin as oppose to suede and ditch the standard red brick soul for a clean, crisp white one (not sure of this exactly, Vibram? Anybody?).  When it's all said and done the bucks almost resemble a white canvas sneaker that was sent to finishing school to clean its act up.  Another interesting aspect is the almost wedge like sole, which looks very "Japanese".  I normally am oppose to laceups that lack a solid, defined heel, but everything works well here.  Overall you're getting a unique looking version of a time honored classic made by the greatest shoemakers in the United States with the vision of one of menswear's greatest minds.  Now that I think of it, $353 seems like a bargain.


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  1. I've always been a fan of white bucs - I especially like the white soles on these.