Saturday, February 20, 2010

Croquet Style

For all you Trad heads out there I figured I'd hit you with some archival croquet shots.  When things start getting this white you know some sophisticated business is going down. It truly is a lifestyle...



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  2. Aristionio- I'm going to go ahead and assume you aren't spam and award you best comment of the week.

  3. ^ Word on that one L.A.S. He brought that fire on that comment! I think Croquet & Cricket are two of the most Dandiest of sports.

  4. Cricket, now we're talking. It sure has the most dapper sportsman

    On an unrelated note, now that spring is around the corner, I'm looking for a pair of slim-fitting shorts. I have a couple by Lacoste, but they're not as trim as I'd like. What do you suggest?

  5. Can anyone say white bucks & straw hats?

    @ James: Old worn out khakis? Chop the legs... just make sure each cut is even.