Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Attn: Barbour To Ki To


[Pictured: Barbour To Ki To Bicycle Jacket available for $475.00 at Oi Polloi.]

Some pieces from the super exclusive Barbour Limited Edition Collection by Japan's To Ki To are now available for purchase.  The collection is a contemporary take on the classic brand offering updated pieces in a modern fit (wow...contemporary, updated and modern used in one sentence...surely I've outdone myself).  Oi Polloi says the stuff is "slim and neater than classic Barbour" and all fit aside these bicycle jackets just flat out look amazing.  As you all know, exclusivity comes at a steep price and this gear is no exception.  Read more about the collection in an old post from ACL and let a little piece inside of you die when you realize you're probably never going to get your hands on any of this.  In fact, I feel completely empty after writing this...



  1. Today is all about "Things I'll never own"


  2. Some people got pretty up-in-arms about these when they were first introduced, but I think they look pretty solid. Definitely something I wouldn't mind adding to my Barbour collection, and the price is about the same as a regular Barbour which is refreshing.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I don't see anything wrong with updating a classic when its done so well, and with respect for the original.

  4. They're nice, not my thing as their country thread is lost a bit. But I can completely see why folk are into them.

    Money wise, per wear, they seems fine, which leads me to a piece of advice - choose VERY carefully. I bought mine 18 years ago and it's going strong.

  5. Don't think you can ever go wrong with Barbour

  6. They certainly had some darker periods with non-waxed products...

  7. Would definitely love to grab any of these!

  8. howdy! i have most of the fall 10 collection available at better than what you see advertised price at my shop, plus we've got the FW11 collection coming in this august. and sorry, they're a lot more $$$ than regular barbour. best fit and detail i've seen in waxed clothing, though. gorgeous.

    wilderness workshop, boston.