Monday, February 22, 2010

His and Hers

It's rare for me to endorse any type of sartorial coordination between couples, but if you absolutely have to do it you should at least aspire to do something in the vein of the pair seen below.  There aren't many slopes as slippery as the matchy-matchy kind and as a guy you should never want to upstage your girl (I think that's something like rule numero uno).  I can promise you that will only end badly - very, very badly.  With that being said, if your significant other wants to wear a great pair of monk straps or denim there is no reason you have to dress like crap accordingly.  I'll be damned if the brown hardbottoms and jeans look doesn't look just as, if not more, smashing on the fairer of the two sexes.

[Picture courtesy of Mr. Mort.]

[Editor's Note: This post previous referenced this pair as well, but I have since been informed (thanks Shaun) that they are in fact two gentleman.  Moral of the story: if you wear fem shoes as a dude and a picture is taken from the knee down I cannot be held accountable for thinking you are indeed a chick.]



  1. The top picture from the Sartorialist, unfortunately is two gentlemen. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. Shaun- HAHA! Those are some feminine shoes on the right. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Wait till you get married, it gets worse. As a guy, I'm pretty much ready to go out the door in a minute. Many a time I have been waiting 10, 20 minutes for my wife to get ready, only to have her come out dressed in the same colors as me (say a gray sweater and jeans or both of us in a cardigan). This is before she has seen me, and after she as already changed her outfit twice.

  4. 1994 called--it wants her jeans back.

  5. Trip- Are you referring to the Ms' mom jeans? I find them quite endearing to be honest.

  6. Wow, what an awkward couple.

    women + nice dress shoes = win. I'm all for anytime some of my favorite things can get together.

    As far as matching goes, if we're going to a formal event (especially an event like a wedding) I'll match the color of my tie, but that's about it.