Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: LCD Soundsystem

Apparently James Murphy aka LCD Soundsystem is recording his new record in a rented Los Angeles mansion as we speak.  If this news doesn't get you extremely excited then I guess you don't know about LCD Soundsystem.  For the cliff notes hit Wikipedia and be sure to check out some songs/pictures below.   

Sound of Silver is easily one of my favorite records of my "adult" years featuring arguably two of my favorite songs of all-time.  I won't even attempt to describe "Someone Great" (I'm loving that terribly awesome fan made video btw) and "All My Friends" since I could never do them proper justice.  Hopefully this serves as a nudge to revisit or, even better, to discover.

clip 1 from lcd soundsystem on Vimeo.



  1. I absolutely love the video of the making of the new album. When I stumbled across it last week I immediately posted it onto the facebook walls of a couple of buddies who love LCD as much as I do, and also on my own wall for the rest of (my little) world to see.

    I have had the privilege of attending many, many gigs over the years. Although I never thought I'd get to see Daft Punk play here in Australia (I'd been listening to them for a good 10 years before they made it out), and accordingly it will always be very difficult for anyone to knock them off my number 1 spot, LCD did nearly just that a couple of years ago when I saw them up the Big Day Out (the largest music festival we get here). Because Rage Against the Machine were playing at the same time, I was able to watch James and the gang from front row, centre. It was probably as close to a religious experience as I will ever get.

    Great post, mate. I am so pumped for the new album and hopefully another tour!

  2. I love me some LCD but usually Daft Punk is Playing at my House.

  3. Daniel- You always were a clever dude.

  4. I'm excited for the new Noah Baumbach movie "Greenburg" scored by LCD Soundsystem. Also dig some of the sweaters Ben Stiller wears in the trailer.