Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J. Press Casual Jersey Shirts

I don't usually think of J. Press as a purveyor of real casual gear (I'm talking even more casual than traditional sportswear), but their new jersey knits look quite nice.  With an obvious nod to nautical styling via the stripes and colors, though I am feeling the more unorthodox red colorway the most, these made in France numbers would do wonders for your warm weather kits.  I love the idea of wearing a breathable, light knit when it's nice out and, more often than not, nautical inspired pieces are at the top of my list.  The long sleeves even come equipped with boatnecks (bateau necks), which is a wider neck originally designed so that sailors could easily take off their shirt when wet.  With strong price points ($79-$110) these are a solid alternative to some similar garments popping up this time of year.

[Editor's Note: Mister Crew surmises these are made by Saint James.]



  1. Longwing- Thin knits for thin people?

  2. Had a shirt from the Gap that was very similar (at a shopping mall price, of course), but my deodorant killed it. Note to self: get some organic deodorant.

  3. Horizontal stripes for thin people. I did wear shirts like these once but now it's out of the question.

  4. The Picasso jersey shirt.....must have!!