Monday, February 1, 2010

More McNairy Monks

You've probably already seen Jake Davis' post on his new Mark McNairy double monk cap toes, but if you want to peep more McNairy goodness you've come to the right place (I guess you could call this post the definition of sloppy seconds).

A while back I emailed Mark inquiring about the awesome double monks seen here.  I was informed that while those particular shoes were currently unavailable an alternate model was.  These particular double monks lacked the rad vamp, but were still pretty awesome in their own right.  Anyhow, check out some more pics (the last one courtesy of my good friend Jeremy) of some seriously badass Mark McNairy double monk strap cap toes...



  1. I dig them. They have that extra oomph without being too overt.

  2. The pebble grain is awesome. Where are they available?

  3. Chris- Email Mark. Last I checked he had some in stock.