Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bring Me My Chariot Of Fire

Jake Davis' post this morning briefly mentions costume designer Milena Canonero who has won three Academy Awards for her work.  Out of everything she has done, her work on Chariots of Fire happens to be my personal favorite.  Despite being a fantastic and inspirational movie in its own right (1981 Academy Award for Best Picture), the film has loads of style - the uniforms are incredible.  I'll never pretend to be a historian when it comes to this stuff, but I know what I like and I know when I see it.  Chariots of Fire is one of these cases where I don't need to necessarily know the history or heritage behind the garments to appreciate what's on screen.  For those unfamiliar with the movie, it takes place primarily in the 1920's and focuses on the 1924 Summer Olympic games held in Paris, France.  With the XXI Winter Olympics games currently in full swing (anyone else wake the F up and get into hockey recently?) I thought it would be appropriate to appreciate the wonderful work of Ms. Canonero and highlight an incredibly stylish and wonderful film.  I hope you like runner's face...

[Editor's Note: Be sure to check out AC's take on COF too.]



  1. Chariots of Fire... Being a college cross country runner, it's the go-to Friday night movie; well, that and Pre.

  2. what, no "Without Limits"? Arguably a better Pre movie.

  3. hockey?! womens bobsled-i never knew they wore such "form fitting" outfits. i like!

  4. Interesting fact about the 1924 Olympics. It was the last year that the sport of rugby was included in the games. Furthermore, it was the United States that won the gold medal. This, and the movie above were huge references on RL Rugby's current spring season. If you look at the branding (particularly in the knits...) there are all sorts of 1924 games references...

  5. Haven't posted in awhile but you have been seriously laying down some amazing posts lately. I was a fan of seeing your weekend wardrobe (bet you already have your outfit pulled for this weekend...ha-ha!). Anyways, got the email from my concierge that I had a package at the front desk. Can't wait to get home to pick up my new LL Bean Signature boots! Did you end up getting a pair?

  6. Antonio- You sir are a scholar...and a gentleman.

    Robert- Thanks man, I'm trying to keep things up to snuff over here. No need to plan your outfit in advance when you pretty much wear the same thing all the time haha. My boots should be arriving in mid March...enjoy your pair my man.

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