Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Attn: The Aesthete feat. Sartorially Inclined


My buddy Brennan, and at one point kinda, sorta neighbor, curates the fantastic blog The Pursuit Aesthetic and has been running an ongoing series called "The Aesthete".  Basically a bunch of bloggers/tastemakers/creatives/etc. (seriously good company) post an outfit and share their thoughts.  I was lucky enough to participate along with all these talented folks and my entry has just gone live.  The timing of this is actually pretty great as I just started integrating my own actual fit pics into the Sart Inc landscape.  Be sure to check out my "uniform" and congratulate Brennan on his new job while you're over there.



  1. tastemakers always makes me think of toastmasters

  2. Most tastemakers make fantastic toastmasters. Coincidence?