Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Haven By Way Of London

In keeping with the theme of European brands putting their own spin on classic American ivy/prep style I should probably share with you guys the new spring looks from Aubin and Wills.  A&W is a British label launched by Jack Wills in 2008 that is aimed at "25-35 year old young successful individuals looking for individual effortlessly cool, exclusive clothing." I guess it's kind of like an English, more expensive version of J. Crew. Sounds alright to me.

The line's English influence is a much easier pill to swallow than say Kitsune's due to the fact that A&W doesn't wear their American influences on their sleeve.  It is a wholly English brand that picks and chooses specific ivy elements to work into a much broader spectrum of gentleman cool - a little bit country gent and a little bit London banker.  All the fabrics and cuts you expect from an English brand are well accounted for, but with a nod to its brethren back in The States.  For example, Macintosh raincoats are paired with cableknits and canvas sneakers.  Don't be overly fooled by the kits below as A&W is much more in line with their roots than what appears here (though I think the first shot actually sums up the brand perfectly).  Check out the Aubin and Wills website and some favorites of their spring styling below.


[Editor's Note: Shoutouts to Nick with the assist.]


  1. Funny how it has gone full circle. First the Ivy/Prep look copied the tailored English gentlemen, and now English tailors are distinctly preppy.

    There is nothing 'understated' about A&W's prices, though.

  2. Has a very Bastain feel to the styling and reinterpretation of these american classics