Saturday, February 6, 2010

No Sweat, Sweat It Out, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Etc.

Jeremy recently posted an endorsement for sweatpants as a "go to hell" look for when the weather outside is frightful and I am seconding this notion.  Regardless of the fact that this realization is based on observing an incredibly stylish guy who can pretty much do no wrong (we'll keep said gentleman's identity anonymous for the time being) this is a look that I believe can work with most people.

When this "trend" (apologies to everyone who hates this word) first reared its head last fall I was admittedly opposed to the whole notion of rocking sweatpants as part of a classic, understated kit.  Looking back now it seems as though what actually bothered me was the notion of wearing tailored slacks in jersey cotton.  I still think that particular incarnation of the pant looks kind of silly, but I am fully endorsing your average, run of the mill sweat pants.

One of the cornerstones of finding your style is being comfortable in your sartorial skin and sweatpants is a great way to achieve this..."comfortable" is as much a state of mind as it is how you actually feel in your clothes.  I honestly believe you can achieve both as long as your aren't all gym teacher-ed out, although the guy in the last photo looks dope.  Pair the bottoms with a nice oxford/sweater combo and some classic sneaks and you're golden.  It's not difficult as long as you keep the sweat pants a classic shade of gray and not ill-fitting (I wonder if at any point in history anyone has taken a pair of sweatpants to the tailor).  Keep your eyes peeled for a pair like the Save Khaki or J. Crew joints below that are probably on sale this time of year.



 [Picture courtesy of Mister Crew.]

[Pictured courtesy of Backyard Bill.]



  1. I just can't do it man. Maybe it's because I like stiff denim, but sweatpants just feel gross. I liked some structure with my clothing. I don't think I've ever owned a pair.

  2. Dan- We'll see how you feel after a couple years of marriage.

  3. It's a cool look as long as it's not ubiquitous and is done well. If this caught on off of the runway it'll have some pretty tragic results. Attitude like most other things is what sells this look. Fruit of the Looms $7.50 can't beat that.

  4. haha lawrence. If I do ever rock it I'll do the oxford sweater combo as you suggested.

  5. Hi, Mind telling me where that first pair's from? Thank you!