Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Urban Footsoldier

Wearing a M-65 or aviators is one thing, but when you start introducing camouflage to your wardrobe you are taking things to a whole new level.  I have/had friends and family in the military so I can honestly see how wearing this kind of gear could be deemed disrespectful, but I also see the sartorial benefits of something utterly badass.  I guess the argument, much like many others dealing with garmenture, is a matter of reverence vs. contrivance.

I'm inclined to believe that camoflage can be done right and fully believe in utilizing the pattern as a way to set off a kit.  There are many ways to add a rugged edge to what you wear and all should be done in moderation.  Don't leave your house looking like you're on your way to the trenches unless you actually are.  Instead, try working in one piece at a time in an effort to keep things low key and light.  Military style has had a huge influence on the way we dress and its contributions can be honored appropriately as long as you're willing to put the work in on your end.

When trying to pull something off, such as camo, which is inherently complicated and advanced I tend to look to those who know what the hell they are doing much more so than myself.  American designers Michael Bastian and Mark McNairy understand the benefits of military inspired gear and are great starting points when thinking about how to properly wear camouflage.  It is my opinion that both Michael and Mark walk the fine line that is 1 part admiration, 1 part not taking yourself too seriously when it comes to their use of this iconic pattern. Utilizing guys who do it well as a starting point it is much easier to not only source inspiration, but begin grasping the simple, yet often overlooked do's and don'ts.


[Editor's Note: Don't get the title twisted. I am 100% lambasting the tomfoolery of this article.]

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  1. totally random note here but I have been watching an episode of band of brothers each night this week getting prepared for the next segment in the series "the pacific". The gear they wear is so functional yet to me so fashionable. One of my favorite pieces is my dads army issued field jacket he wore in korea. Fits like a glove and having my last name across the chest only makes it sweeter. Now it is not camo - but green - but still - all of this stuff has always been a favorite of mine. i need that bow ties