Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fashion Week Street Style

I don't consider myself a fashion guy and don't plan on covering the collections debuting at men's Fashion Week (I guess it comes down to a style vs. fashion argument, but I won't get into that whole can of worms now).  Ultimately that stuff just isn't my strength and I'll leave it up to those who know it best.  What does interest me, however, are all the cool street style shots of various jet setters that are popping up.  Hands down my favorites have to be Tommy Ton's shots for GQ.  Mr. Ton has the uncanny ability to capture not only the big picture, but also the wonderful minute details.  He expertly balances his photography with shots of complete kits and the little things that make them special.  You can see all of his MFW shots for GQ here and check out a breakdown of my favorites below.

Milan- Thom Brown's game changing suit cut isn't going anywhere and it never looked better than on a heavy weight gray suit.  Short jackets and breakless trousers work real well if you have the body type for it.

Milan- The blue double breasted blazer is my favorite thing in the world right now. Here is another example of how to do it right.

Milan- This is an example of ageless badassery at its finest.  Everything from the shades to the tie bar to the pocket square is perfect classical elegance.  I wish I was cool enough to rock this haircut.

Milan- Here a black watch blazer with brass buttons, a denim shit and leather gloves are combined effortlessly.  All the materials, fabrics and patterns work with, not against, each other in subtle, yet striking ways.

Milan- Ralph Lauren eat your heart out.

Milan- The undercollar is such a crucial detail that is too often overlooked.  Check out Jon's pic of me rocking an awesome DS Dundee number.

Milan- One word: yellow.

Milan- The classic blue blazer is given an unconventional upgrade with some serious hunting details.  The refined pedigree of this classic item looks great when paired up with rugged additions.

Paris- While the gloves are kinda foolish, for me this pic is all about the awesome shades and the absence of neckwear on the buttoned up shirt.

Paris- Definitely not for novices, but the pairing of slim cuffed trousers and the athletic running shoes kills it.

Paris- Beard, bow tie, cardigan, blazer, scarf...This guy is doing nothing out of the ordinary, but somehow his swagger comes through in full force.

[All pictures courtesy of GQ.]



  1. The fifth one is definitely my favorite. A better shot can be seen here:

  2. lovin' it bruh! i'm super digging the open top gloves though so i guess we'll have to just agree to disagree on that one.

  3. Angelo Flaccavento's whole thing is incredible. The beard, the glasses, the bow tie, layering with the cardigan. He perfectly fits it all together.

  4. I think the buttoned up collar is the new "skinny tie". Great pics.

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