Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hands On: The Windmill Club

When I posted my interview with Kevin Burrows, owner and designer of The Windmill Club, I signed off saying how a hands on review of their neckwear was on its way.  Well the ties just came in today and I couldn't be happier.  Simply put, the neckwear is fantastic.  The huntsman club tie is the standout of the Fall '09 collection and its outdoors meets prep vibe is killer; we'll call it mutant Americana.  It should also be noted that this is a very slim tie, though still good for a four in hand knot.  I'm digging it for casual kits and you can see in the pictures that it looks real boss when paired with a chambray shirt.  The multi-check bow tie is no slouch either. It has this great structured geometric pattern that looks pretty neat when knotted "perfectly imperfect" (my rule of thumb for tying a bow tie is to go as quickly as possible).  What I like most about the bow tie is how it is sort of a hybrid between a slim "bat wing" and the often too wide "butterfly".  It is the perfect shape.

As far as fabric is concerned, the 100% silk is just beefy enough so that the neckwear has a nice heft to it, but is still easy to knot.  As simple as that may sound most of the ties I have owned in the past cannot seem to reconcile these two details.  Lots of silk ties also have this incredible cheap looking sheen to them, but The Windmill Club doesn't mess with any of that nonsense.

On top of Kevin's inspiring ambition and vision the products really speak for themselves.  The collection should be hitting TWC's online shop soon so be on the look out because now that these two are snatched up there are not too many more to go around.




  1. Damn, LAS you're stunting. I need some windmill club in my life asap.

  2. Damn, that bowtie has my name all over it. Brilliant, as usual.

  3. Junctioned- That is the a Gap chambray shirt from a season or two ago.

  4. First, I think the WC video, ties are great. Don't get me wrong.

    I read this quote (maybe on Twitter?) the other day and it popped into my head immediately - don't remember exactly so apologies - "a bow-tie that extends beyond your neck on the sides gives you the appearance of being gift wrapped"

    Maybe it's just the angle? I personally prefer a shorter, fatter bow-tie. That one comes off looking a little bit like something more befitting a costume (clown?) - no?

    Don't mean this as negative as may sound. Just giving honest opinions :)

    - Don

  5. Don- Not sure about the quote and I am happy you are sharing your honest opinion. It may be the angle, but it is totally possible that the width of the bowtie is a little much for your personal tastes. It could also be my tying skills too. Regardless, I thought it looked real boss.