Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: Life Magazine's "Right and Wrong Clothes for Boys"

In 1939 Life Magazine published a piece entitled "Right and Wrong Clothes for Boys and Girls" in which they showed a bunch of kids in a variety of outfits with accompanying commentary.  These sartorial photos and writing are pretty stellar and it's a real trip to evaluate Life's style tips in retrospect.  Here are the looks for the boys and Life Magazine's thoughts.  This is the definition of classic.

"Single-breasted fitted jacket, a prep hat and inconspicuous glasses look right on youngster."

"Easy fitting suit, double-breasted, produces a flattering square line on husky boy. Hat with a turned down brim helps the face."

"Double-breasted jacket, exaggerated shoulders, broad lapels, man's hat, make him look like dad but they're bad."

"Snug fitting suit on a husky boy is likely to bind around middle, puff out at back and make boy look like a sausage."

"Husky boys look like this in profile unless their coats are beltless and full."


[Editor's Note: The fourth picture down is a new personal favorite.]

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