Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Always Strapped Pt. II

As it turns out watch strap posts are so popular and NATO straps so coveted that my latest post on them was actually a rehashing of  Trip's work.  In that very same post he briefly mentions RLT Watches out of the UK as well, who I also had lined up for a post.  Without stepping on too many toes, I feel compelled to highlight the straps over at RLT.

I found RLT's impressive NATO selection (the majority of which are 18mm) via Nick who had located an image I had previously shown him while chatting about new straps for his awesome Bulova.  Some of the regimental straps on display are "one-of-a-kind-esque" (or at least until we all buy 'em up) and too good not to find their way onto your wrist.  Keep in mind, and just like Trip said, that while these straps may seem really cheap you need to factor in shipping costs and the current exchange rate.  If you happen to be reading Sart Inc in the UK at the moment then this is most definitely the route you want to take for some fresh new watch bands.  Our across the pond brethren need to stay strapped too ya' know.  Also, is it weird that the following excites me more than pretty much everything else I post on the blog?



  1. Do you have any idea where to find 16mm bands aside from Brooks Brothers?

  2. Nicholas- Damn dude...that is a tiny ass watch...besides Brooks I got nothing. I'll do some research and get back to you.

  3. central watch,, has 16mm nylon bands

  4. Brian - I have seen those before; it's sort of slim pickings for the 16mm crowd. Thanks though.

    Lawrence - It's the watch from BB that comes with a grosgrain band to start with. I picked it up at a BB outlet for pretty cheap a few years ago when they were discontinuing it. I have pretty scrawny wrists so it works out well. It's a bit smaller than most men's watches but not women's size by any means. Apparently it's a pretty decent business model though as I've had to buy all my bands at BB since.

  5. J. Crew has a nice selection of 18 mm watch straps.