Monday, January 4, 2010

Bastard Barracuda Pt. II

[Pictured: Merc Harrington jacket starting from $121.00.]

After some of the comments from yesterday's post I figured I should head back to the drawing board per se.  Apparently there are a few other options when looking for an affordable Baracuta G9 Harrington alternative.  I need to thank my readers for opening my eyes to the offerings from both Merc and Ben Sherman.  If you are going based on some of the praise thrown around, these two options are quite impressive and should also fit into your budget assuming you don't mind dealing with shipping and exchange rates.  Merc has some crazy plaid options and a firetruck red version I talked about previously, while Ben Sherman keeps it pretty standard with the usual solids.  Also be sure to check out these two Ben Sherman x Baracuta G9 Harrington Jackets for the ultimate high/low statement, but act fast because at $121 they are a steal.

When all else fails, just remember W.W.M.W? 100% foolproof.




  1. Why not buy one from Baracuta itself?

    Same jacket, right?

  2. JA- I would obviously prefer an original, but price is the biggest deterrent. What is usually on sale are not the original G9 or it doesn't have the plaid lining, etc. A new Baracuta aint cheap son.

  3. McQueen can do no wrong style wise. I wonder if the guy had a stylist or was he really that cool on his own.

  4. read a bit about McQueen's upbringing and then think to yourself what he would have thought to the very concept of a "stylist"