Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ENK New York 2010 Wrap Up Pt. III

As my wrap up of ENK New York 2010 comes to a close I'd like to tie up all the loose ends and say a few thank you's.

A while back I talked about how I really wanted a pair of washed brogues, but had trouble finding a good pair for a reasonable price.  While washed brogues are definitely still hard to find I saw a pretty neat alternative at Frye's booth.  The traditional boot maker was showing a lot of footwear that would be considered a departure for the brand, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  The rep I spoke with acknowledge their customer demographics were changing and that Frye was not going to sit back idly.  The faded longwings they were showing really blew me away and at the retail price of $190 not a bad alternative to dropping a few benjamins on a similar "designer" shoe.

As far as other stuff that caught my eye, the S/S gear from Tailor Vintage looked real great with lots of reversible numbers and a pair of black watch chinos that killed it.  Buckler also had some unique denim that was loaded up with great details which will retail for an incredibly reasonable $75-$100ish price range.  Finally, Palladium was showing off a bunch of styles ranging from their canvas stand-bys to a new line of high end leather boots.  I should also mention that 4 Stroke had an amazing booth, but we were so busy talking to Tobias about his incredible raw denim trench that I forgot to snap some pics.

Despite rubbing shoulders with some important people and seeing all this amazing gear the best part of ENK was getting the opportunity to meet a bunch of great guys in person.  AC, Shaun, Jon, Jeremy and Antonio (of 13th & Wolf fame) could not have been any more genuine and wonderful.  I had an absolute blast hanging out with everyone and it only reinforced the fact that despite all our digital communication it really means something to spend time with people you respect and admire.  Now that I have a taste of the good life there is not a chance in hell I'm missing any trade shows from this point forward.



  1. shit yo i been anti longwing but I like the look oh dem Frye ones word word word oh and your tailor vintage link links to the frye site, fyi