Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's arguable the finest weekend of the whole NFL season and even though my Giants are long gone, it's tough to deny the magical wonder that exists for many a manchild this time of year.  Because of the NFL's current contract with Reebok, the only sideline gear you are going to catch a team's master and commander in looks something like this.  The last coach to dress like a gentleman was the 49'ers Mike Nolan who wore suits to honor his own father's coaching legacy (it should be noted that Jack Del Rio tried this as well, but he is far from a gentleman).  The initial agreement was that a head coach could wear a suit, designed and labeled by Reebok, for two home games which was subsequently increased to all eight home games.

Today, you will see all of zero coaches suited up on the sidelines.  Thanks in part to the hammer of justice that is the NFL's over branding it's really more trouble than it's worth to look put together.  It makes more sense for a coach like Bill Belichick to look like your neighborhood bag lady than a man of his actual stature.  It truly is a shame when you consider how just how stylish the NFL head coach used to be.  In honor of this weekend's gridiron action I'd like to take a look back at my favorite "throwback jerseys". Presenting Coach Landry, Lombardi, Brown, Shula, Nolan The Younger, Ditka, Stram and Nolan The Elder:






  1. i like lombardi's shoes and ditka's bears sweater. go pats!

  2. Would love to send you a photo of Carm Cozza, probably the most famous and greatest football coach from Yale.

  3. Such dapper men. I like Ditka's sweater too. Urban Outfitters was selling a retro Giants sweater just like it and I had it in my cart for a few weeks til it sold out. I was so bummed that I called the Urban Outfitters headquarters and the 5 stores closest to me. No luck.