Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lusting After: Rugby Scout Deck Jacket

[Pictured: Rugby Scout Deck Jacket available for $198.00.]

Thanks to Mister Crew for the heads up.  This new jacket from Rugby is another awesome yellow rain slicker aka the coveted jacket of the moment and a beacon of classical understatement no less.  At $198 Rugby's jacket is a lot easier to stomach than some of the other slickers making their rounds on the information superhighway.  With minimal branding and an old school look this jacket holds its own.  Two lust worthy yellow slicker posts in the span of 3 days? Damn straight.




  1. I've been somewhat looking for a yellow raincoat myself. I remember seeing a great yellow rain slicker worn by JKISSI from StreetEtiquette. I think it was made by J. Crew.

  2. I wrote something on this a while back too.

    In strong agreement with you.

    Spring rain, who wants more grey, navy, khaki?

    It's spring - yellow all the way.

    (with a bit of red)...

  3. That's B.S. Lawrence - don't sell out to Rugby. Get a real rain slicker like this one from Carhartt:

    Or this one from Bean:

    You may sweat like crazy in the first, but it will keep you dry.

  4. Selling out to rugby??? I love this sentiment. Don't sell out to a bunch of designers that love the same stuff you do and break their backs trying to revive old classics with an obsessive compulsive attention to detail...great logic.

    Now that I no longer work for them I feel that I can finally defend them without bias.

    I would definitely remove that patch is LAAAAAAME.

  5. Enzo - I may have misspoken. I appreciate the stuff Ralph Lauren's crew does - I wear the polo mesh shirts and custom oxfords unabashedly.

    However, I do believe certain working classics are best left to the pros - ones that don't put logos and patches on everything.

    This garment has great details - the color and the pockets to be specific, but how long is it going to be water repellent as a nylon/cotton blend? Or the details not become dated?

    Seems more fashion than function. Stick to the classics.

  6. I've got to agree with DAM here. While I do think that this jacket is pretty good looking, the majority of Rugby's stuff, including this jacket, would look better if they didn't put stupid patches and weird details into everything to make it look "cooler" or "more authentic" or whatever their justification is for it.

  7. Interesting thoughts from everyone. I love this jacket and if you really have beef with the patch just remove it. And if you don't know how to do it yourself ask your mom.

  8. I agree 150% on the logos and patches thing...oddly so does Ralph and you will see that slowly starting to change as the year moves forward into this coming fall and holiday.

    I can't speak to the waterproofing on the jacket personally because I didn't work on it but I know the people who did and I can vouch for the fact that they used the best materials that the price point would allow for. Other than the patch at the sleeve I don't really see what other details could become dated. Its about as cool and classic as they come and I'll tell you one thing, it fits a heck of a lot better than anything you're going to get from Carhartt or Bean. Does the better fit qualify it as fashion? Sure, but its functional too. The achievement of both is how new classics are born...