Monday, January 18, 2010

Mark McNairy for Rest Store

When I saw the new Mark McNairy pebbled leather boot for Rest Store I decided to hold off on posting until the entire line of exclusive makeups hit the web.  This morning Mister Mort, one of Mark's good friends, debuted pics of all the new models on his website.  While none of the body styles are new, the soles and colors make for some handsome looking shoes unique to Rest Store.  The camel suede buck with the Vibram sole is a standout and looks amazing with the yellow and brown laces.  As of today I can stand by the assertion that I've never met a McNairy shoe I didn't like.

I was looking forward to heading over to Capsule today to get more of my trade show fix and see all the new McNairy stuff in person, but alas it was not in the cards (NJ Transit can suck it).  Regardless of that unforeseen bad luck my ENK New York wrap up post is on its way.




  1. those pebbled boots are speaking to me right now. nice.

  2. The green desert boots with the gum soles are out of this world.

  3. Awful shoes, i prefer to use converse or comfortable stuff instead, anyway continue with you blog

  4. I remember I used leather boots when I went to the militar academy. this boots were so expensive, eason for which I try to care them as well as possible.