Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion Week Street Style Pt. II

There has been a lot of style breaking down on Sart Inc recently and with a new batch of Tommy Ton's photographs for GQ online I figured I'd give it another go.  If you are into this kind of stuff or just want to hear why I love Tommy's work so much check out my first installment of FWSS.

Milan- There must be something in the water over there in Europe because older men across the pond put America to shame.  Grey never goes out of style and this guy rocks it through and through.  Also note how a crispy white dress shirt is never out of place.

Paris- I'm usually anti "matchy-matchy", but this guy knows how to do it right.  Lose the TJ Maxx tie and pocket square combo for a much more unique scheme.  Perfect undercollar details are at work again making this gentleman's jacket stand out ever more.  With the collar flipped down the jacket's just blue, but with it up the whole piece becomes extremely engaging.

Paris- This jacket is really cool.  It takes an obvious a cue from all the hunting influence out there, but sets itself apart with the orange lining and two tone details.

Paris- More unstoppable "old man" style!  This guy just looks so natural and the massive peak lapels only add to his swagger.  It also never hurts to have a chick on your arm, no matter how old you are.

Paris- GQ's Michael Hainey makes his own case for yellow as the color of the moment.

Paris- This patterned khaki jacket is loud for sure, but notice how this guy keeps everything else real simple.  No neckwear, no accessories - just the jacket.  If you are going to wear a more "out there" item let it speak for itself. 

Paris- There is a lot going on in this picture, but everything in this kit works as far as I am concerned.  Gloves, scarf and denim shirt aside, this is all about the trench.  Every guy should own one whether you plan on going all out, like this cat, or not.  I prefer to keep things muted when you have so much khaki at work and you'll notice the color palette here stays pretty basic.


[All pictures courtesy of GQ.]

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  1. Great post! These men are dressed smartly. And you have a great eye for pointing out the details that make them so. I would TOTALLY rock that scarf in the last pic (along with a few other things here) ;)