Monday, January 25, 2010

From The Inbox: A Spanish Surfer And His Bean Boots

Chuk, a reader from Spain who curates a surfing blog, sent over some information on his own pair of L.L. Bean Boots.  His perspective on the boots as a Spanish surfer is one of the most unique I have seen yet and I wish I paid more attention in college so that I could decipher/understand everything.  Regardless, this is a perfect example of just how truly universal the boots are.  Check out his original post and some pictures of his boots below.


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  1. Here is the translation of his original post:
    It was the winter of 87-88, and that I was a little lost, been working at different dens of New York City. By December it started to cool down, dropped the first snowflakes that quickly froze because there was not time to clean the streets. That was the thing until March, so that the city spent several months with the snow very present everywhere.
    Then he called my attention the outfit of many passers-by, whom he saw embedded in a kind of rubber shoes did not understand. Evidently seemed made for snow and water, but in my life I had seen before were the LL boots Bean.

    Leon Leonwood Bean was a guy back in the early last century wanted to make good boots for hunting in cold, damp forests of his native Maine. And I could not think of anything better than from a base rubber and leather cane, which made them something really durable in this climate. Today is still handmade, one by one, so that its price is not cheap, but the quality is extraordinary.
    you either like or dislike you, no middle ground ...