Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lusting After: Gitman Vintage Red Club Collar Oxford


[Pictured: Gitman Vintage red club collar oxford shirt for Epaulet available for $150.00.]
When Mike from Epaulet first mentioned they were stocking this shirt I was incredibly pumped.  Not only is a red oxford shirt fantastic in its own right, but a club collar puts it over the top.  The $150 price tag might seem a little steep for some and I would agree if I it wasn't for the simple fact that it's extremely tough to find another shirt even remotely like this one.  I'm all for "rare" items being priced accordingly especially one's that fit as good as a Gitman Vintage shirt.  You'd be hard pressed to find a cooler S/S shirting option since red seems to be where it's at.  Just imagine this bad boy with a blue seersucker (or any other cotton variety for that matter) tie, collar pin and some chinos. Yeah, my point exactly.



  1. The club collar does indeed make it that much more desirable, not to mention having the best off the rack fit. Had they not been sold out in my size, I'd be extremely tempted to pick this one up. Oh, and if you haven't seen them, Gitman has updated their website with their awesome spring '10 collection.

  2. Just looked at their ties at Neiman's the other day - they have a fantastic selection of madras plaid. Gitman is a great brand, incorporating the old for the young and making it cool. Definitely a place for some investment pieces.

  3. Afraid of the p word huh? Looks pink to me ;)

  4. this will be mine this spring. mark my words.


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