Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Attn: Sartorially Inclined x Taylor Stitch

The shirt I "designed" with the guys at Taylor Stitch is apparently now available for purchase.  I had no idea the guys were going to put this up for sale and I could not be more surprised, honored and humbled.  Taylor Stitch is run by some of the best gents in the business and I'm happy to be part of something I truly believe in.  Sorry to self promote so obviously, but this is pretty damn cool.  Read my thoughts on the shirt here and check it out on the Taylor Stitch website.  Who knows, you may just even buy one.



  1. Congratulations -- that's great news!

  2. see...i call you a beast and a goblin in the game and you poo poo me. now you get a shirt you designed being sold and you listen. let the good times roll!