Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: Summer Suiting

Despite the fact that for the past few weeks we've seen a ton of new F/W suiting on the runways and in the booths I'd like to get impractical for a second.  It is nowhere near the temperature necessary for summer suiting across most of the country, but a little whimsy is good for your health.

I love summer suiting and while lots of guys are afraid of spending a good chunk of change on something so seasonal it really is a good asset for your arsenal.  The great part of a summer suit is that it can often be easily broken down into its various elements and worn as seperates; what seems superfluous at first is actually quite versatile.  Dream of warmer days to come and a little chino, linen, madras and seersucker to go with them.













[Editor's Note: Sorry for the over abundance of visual stimulation. I was finding too much cool stuff. More words to come tomorrow. I swear.]


  1. whoa, that 5th photo, that dude is rocking a really interesting tie there...

  2. it may be a little much, but oh my god where can I get a madras tuxedo like that. wow, that's amazing.

  3. These pictures make me want to have a drink. On a boat. Very much looking forward to summer.