Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Morning Inspiration: Jordan Domont

I stumbled upon Jordan's work through a new favorite Tumblr, Thomas's Tumblings.  Clicking "about" tabs will lead you to some of the most wonderful stuff and this is just another example of where a little curiosity can take you. 

Mr. Domont's work takes the medium of ink to a level I have never seen and his use of color is mind blowing.  I am by no means an art scholar so I'll let the pros do the talking: "To infuse depth and luminosity into his work, Jordan employs a palette of punchy hues. Experimenting, he discovered that when inks layer heavily onto Mylar, it creates a rich, almost melted effect. Pigments become slightly volatile, even mercurial, and their behavior enlivens the entire process. Jordan likes to explore how different amalgams of color work together, because it sure trumps sitting back and watching paint dry."

While this post may take my normal M.O. of classic and understated style down a path it has rarely been, I truly believe I am better for it.  It feels good to take a departure from what you know every now and again and Jordan's work does just that. Let's put clothes on the back-burner for a quick second to appreciate a true talent.





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