Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Are Animals

Wrangler's new installment in their "We Are Animanls" advertising campaign is entitled "Red" and was developed by Fred & Farid Paris and Jeff Burton.  Shirtless youths running around in denim is nothing new (cough Levis' "Go Forth" cough), but these ads still do a great job of tapping into something very primal.  The emotion in these new ads bypass the heritage romanticism of the Levis campaign and instead veer into a realm that is all at once animalistic, intense and wild.  The use of colored dust and movement is very similar to the spectacular "Wizard Smoke" skate video and methinks these Fred & Farid cats spent sometime in front of Vimeo (and maybe a bong) before thinking all this up.  Regardless, everything here looks spectacular and I may just head down to Walmart to pick up a pair before prancing around shirtless and throwing chalk all over Charlotte.


[All pictures courtesy of Selectism.]



  1. sounds great and all, and props to wrangler on this. but seriously, as a friend, please don't do what you wrote in that last sentence. potentially a true state of emergency scenario in charlotte, and that would be regrettable.

  2. Wow! That's one way to sell some jeans. Pretty interesting.

  3. wow, the pics are amazing!! Powerful!!