Sunday, January 3, 2010

Salmon Sneaks

[Pictured: J. Crew x Sperry Topsider CVO sneaker available for $75.00.]

The idea of Nantucket red anything didn't really enter my mind until college.  All the southern gents and frat dogs seemed to rock it so well that it didn't take long before I was sold.  Some guys look at Nantucket red and see pink, but as far as I am concerned their is not a better shade of any color (sans white which isn't a "color" anyway) when it comes to S/S wears.  Case in point are these new Sperry sneaks available at J. Crew.  All the new S/S gear is starting to roll out and these shoes (also available in a "birch" colorway) are part of Sperry's 75th anniversary collection.  The rest of the kicks are so-so in my opinion, but this pair is a stalwart.  I've been thinking a lot about "salmon sneaks" (thanks in part to this post by ADG, one of the best dressed gents on the information superhighway), but had a little trouble finding the right pair.  These classic canvas joints are just what I am looking for and will go real well paired up with some seersucker shorts, a white crewneck tee and some shades.  Everyone in the blogoshere has been all over clean white sneaks for a while, and while I endorse this move as well, it never hurts to add something a little different to break things up.  When looking for summer sneaks I'm either going the JFK route or 80's skate rat route. These fall squarely into the former.



  1. Or leave a pair of red authentics in the sun for a week. All said and done for 36 bucks.

  2. Nick- That sounds like a pretty good plan, though not everyone is privy to that cali sunshine...

  3. I was watching a film called "The Wackness" and the kid in that was wearing a pair of Campus by Adidas. I remembered how every kid in middle school rocked them with jeans every day, and I decided that I would be rocking them with khaki shorts come mid-spring. They have a nice hip-hop/street rat vibe to them. The Sperry's are dope, but just not me.