Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Country Club Hoodlum

It really doesn't matter how you define yourself while wearing this because the cable knit joint just released from Rugby is looking mighty clean.  On the heels on talking about dressing crisp and "man-ing up", it's a pretty good jumping off point too.  I should probably also make a reference to the new Vampire Weekend album somewhere in here too (this post could probably be titled "A-Punk"). We cool? Moving on...

Rugby always toes that line between cheeky and classic due to their excessively lame branding, but thankfully they left this one alone.  Not burdened by a giant skull and crossbones or whatever the Rugby braintrust is currently pinning to their inspiration board, this hoodie really has legs.  Finding that great top layer for S/S can be quite difficult, but something such as a cable knit really fills the void.  For $148 this may be too Upper West Side Soweto for you, but if you have the coin and the desire to get your grown man on, and in a hood nonetheless, snatch it before it sells out.  And please, no sticking a 7-Eleven's in the Hampton's. Do they even have 7-Eleven in the Hampton's?





  1. That's a lot of look, brother.

  2. Rugby has a lot of good items coming out this spring without being overly skull and bones..this piece is kind of boring in comparison really.