Thursday, January 21, 2010

High/Low Americana Deck Folk

From what I've read everyone seems pretty stoked on the Visvim Americana Deck Folk.  I'm not personally enamored with this particular shoe as it strikes me as the bastard love child of a boat shoe and a New Balance sneaker. All personal opinions aside, if you are feeling this shoe you might want to hold off on dropping the $450.  Eastland has just released their own version ("a sneaker in disguise"...dun, dun, dun) and, well let's just say, the price (yet to be announced) is probably a tad more affordable for the average working Joe.  Obviously the materials and overall quality of these shoes are like night and day, but some of us have kids to put through college.




  1. What the hell?? Those look practically identical, down to the heel counter cushion thingy...Which kills all Visvim shoes for my BTW, which is a shame cause a lot of their models are near perfect minus the goofy heel cushion. Not a fan of these either, and definitely don't see what the fuss is about. Looks like a Payless shoe to me.

  2. Looks like an orthopedic shoe. I can walk fine, but thanks anyway Visvim.

  3. dude I been saying the same thing about Visvim, they make great looking shoes. some i like, some i don't but for that price i can buy two pairs of Mark McNairy's and be stuntin' like my daddy. i have a "thing" for Eastland on the low, i might have to scoop those.

  4. Visvim, as with BAPE before commit a cardinal sin.

    They fiddle about with things, adding bits here and there to make it 'theirs'.

    Happy that other folk can find their thing with Visvim, just not my style.