Monday, January 11, 2010

Double Monk Chuk

[Pictured: Cole, Rood & Haan Co. Glad Rags available for $375.00.]

The last time I talked about double monk straps I was going on about how I had just missed out on a pair by Ralph Lauren and how they were one of my favorite style of dress shoe.  My double monk fever is still going pretty strong, which is why I felt compelled to talk about these chukkas/short boots from Cole, Rood & Haan.  While I'm a pretty big fan of the CRH styles, this has to be my favorite.  When you see a monk strap boot it's usually of the standard strap variety so a double strap version like this is pretty rare, in fact I am not sure I have ever seen another double monk strap boot (please correct me if I am wrong).  My only gripe with this is the distressed looking leather, which I know is CRH's style (aka "new vintage", from the archives, etc.).  I would much rather prefer to buy a boot and add my own wear (much like a premium denim), but when it comes to double monk anything beggars can't be choosers.  What really has me hyped on these is the lighter shade of vegetable tanned, Italian leather.  Pairing some rolled chinos, a white tee and some tortoise shell shades with these would be absolutely killer when warm weather hits.  You can champion color for S/S all you want, but there isn't anything wrong with keeping your gear crisp and muted either.  The price tag is a little much, but for an obscure item it may just be worth it.  Raise your hand if you'd sell your soul for double monk anything...




  1. I'll raise my hand for a double monk Sid Mashburn/Ralph Lauren shoe...not so much the boot. I was right behind you on that GILT sale too. In fact, I am led to believe they never really had my size for sale to begin with.

  2. The elongated toe is a no go for me.

  3. The elongated toe seems to be everyone's biggest qualm and it does draw negative comparison to some John Varvatos type stuff. Like I said, if this is the only double monk boot on the market I am willing to live with it. Someone needs to step up before I start nitpicking too much.

  4. I know i late to the thread, but i needed a pair of brown double monk strap shoes and i came across the perfect pair for me. Only problem, they no longer have my size or color in stock, or in any store in the country. Now that i saw the perfect pair, i cannot bring myself to buy any other monk strap shoe/boot. I like the one you pictured above, but cant find it for sale any where. I wanted the J Shoe Troop in Mid-Brown and its nowhere to be found.

    Please help!!!