Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bean Boot Project: Guide To Bad Taste Guest Post

Fresh off of Junctioned's wonderful piece I am happy to present another long time reader and fellow style blogger submission. John Lugg, aka The Enthusiast around these parts, runs the entertaining blog Guide To Bad Taste.  What I love about GTBT and John's writing is that he doesn't take himself too seriously.  Too often people get caught up in all this nonsense and forget we are writing simply about material things.  John, on the other hand, always has his tongue planted firmly in cheek as he discusses various items that some, actually many, would consider in bad taste.  After reading a good number of blogs that rehash lots of the same stuff (my own included) it's always refreshing to read John discussing the pros and cons of something like Air Force One's or comic book themed t-shirts.  There aren't too many talented "haters" in this world, but John somehow manages to do it in style.

John's guest post is one of the more interesting anecdotes sent over thus far, as should be expected.  His tale touches upon a missed opportunity, an opportunity taken and, like any good story, a little bit of vomit.

"I certainly believed that I had nothing to submit for this project as of a few weeks ago.  I felt that I could offer nothing new or original for this project, which may or may not be a shame.  However, when I saw my dad leaving the house this winter wearing his Bean Boots with his business attire, I knew I had something, but alas, I had no camera on me.  My opportunity came later when I was lifeguarding at my local YMCA, mulling over this missed opportunity.  My eureka moment came much like Newton’s apple, although in a much less romantic form.  Some kid, old enough to know that when he’s sick he should run for the toilet, vomited on the pool deck.  I instinctively reached for my Bean Boots while my fellow worker shied back from the scene in his flip-flops.  Knowing that I had a thick layer of rubber between my feet and the throw-up, I mopped up the hazardous material without cringing as it neared my feet, although I provided my fellow worker with all the juicy details (EW LOOK I CAN SEE CHICKEN AND CHEERIOS!).  After returning home, I nabbed this shot of me in my lifeguard trunks wearing my Bean Boots.

Bean Boots are, and should be, romanticized.  They have been used for many years because they can keep feet warm and dry during the North American winters.  It should also be remembered that they can protect your feet while you take on the more unpleasant of jobs (look out Mike Rowe, here I come)."


[Note: Head here for the project's backstory. Also, If you are reading this and I requested a submission from you or if you would just like to particiate please feel free to submit (contact via email). Your participation, as always, is still much anticipated and appreciated.]