Thursday, January 28, 2010

PF Flyers Archival Reissue


PF Flyers has released their Archival Reissue Collection featuring both hi and low top models from 1949 and 1953.  Old school canvas sneaks are A-Ok in my book and while these probably wouldn't be my first choice they still get the job done.  The low top red one's are my personal pick of the litter.

The brand's history is a curious one.  PF Flyers were first produced by B.F. Goodrich, then sold to Converse in 1972.  Converse was eventually forced to sell the rights to New Balance in 2001 due to antitrust issues.  New Balance sat on the brand for a whole two years before relaunching the PF Flyers we know today.  From the brand's inception in 1937 to the mid 1960's PF Flyers were one of America's favorites and the shoes translate well thanks to today's current Americana/heritage kick.  Whether or not your knowledge of PF Flyers is limited to their starring role in the 1993 film The Sandlot, check out the reissues which can all be purchased here along with various other colorways.  For more archival goodness be sure to also read Brennan's retrospective.



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  1. Love PF Flyers

    I just bought a pair of Bob Cousy's in the "natural color" (white canvas), for my summer sneaks. Lucky for me I found them at an Orvis outlet near me for $34, I am contemplating a 2nd pair in navy if they still have them in stock.

    I feel they have much better support than Chuck Taylors, at least for me, are much more comfortable.